Sustainability Forum at WSA, 2017


The second Fashion and Sustainability Forum to be held at Winchester School of Art is currently underway.

Throughout the day there will be a number of talks by staff as well as visiting designers and other industry professionals. The focus is on ways in which the fashion industry is working to be more ethical and kinder to the environment, and what more can be done – and needs to be done – in the future.

The event is led by Delia Crowe, pathway leader for the MA in Fashion Design. In her introduction, she laid out some issues the day will hope to address:

‘With so many choices and a bewildering array of green/organic/fair- trade/slow/recycled/upcycled/vintage – how do we make responsible choices? What does that even mean? The ‘tyranny of choice’ leads to confusion and anxiety – or is that just me? Join us as we take the long view when considering these important and complex issues – there has never been a more pressing need for creative solutions. This is not about finger pointing and guilt; it is about enabling our students, graduates and staff to join and lead the debate.’

The first event of the day has been a panel discussion amongst members of staff: Reem Alasadi (MA Coordinator of MA Textile Design and MA Fashion Design), Mike Bastin (MA Pathway Co-ordinator for Fashion Marketing and Branding), Amanda Bragg-Mollison (Programme Leader BA Fashion Marketing / Management), Cecilia Langemar (Programme Leader, Fashion & Textile Design) & Delia Crowe (Pathway Leader MA in Fashion Design) led by Lipi Begum (Lecturer and Pathway Leader, MA Fashion Management).

Issues that have arisen so far include the ways in which technology might be employed to reduce waste in the manufacturing process, by tailoring garments for the consumer and reducing the need for travel; and the difficulties faced by new designers in attempting to pay a fair wage to workers within a market which is seemingly obsessed with driving down prices and creating ‘fast’ fashion.

It has been an interesting and inspiring start to the day and promises much more for the coming speakers, who include: Orsola De Castro, Caryn Franklin MBE, Samson Soboye, Zoe Olivia John, Creative Conscience/Chrissy Levett, Delia Crowe, Mo Tomaney, Hilary Marsh /Ethical Fashion Forum, Deborah Campbell Atelier and more…

You can follow events at the Forum, and join in, on Twitter, using the hashtag, #wsa_sustainabilityforum



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