Illustration Workshop – Sarah Langford

Winchester School of Art’s Sarah Langford, the Illustration Pathway Coordinator for the BA in Graphic Arts will be delivering a workshop at the Seventh Illustration Research Symposium which runs from the 10th-13th of November. This year’s conference entitled ‘Shaping the View, Understanding landscapes through Illustration’ will take place at Edinburgh School of Art with a symposium theme focussed on mapping.

Sarah’s workshop is part of a collaborative project with the Natural Environment Research Council’s National Oceanography Centre (NOCS) and the University of Southampton’s Ocean and Earth Science department. The workshop will aim to visualise data gathered from mapping exercises during field trips, and data collected using submarine canons. This will be the first time this data will be shared with educators, students, and illustrators.

cropped-the-sound-of-treesThe workshop will ask participants to undertake a series of tasks aimed to help enable sedimentology lecturers to understand how to better communicate information visually, whilst allowing illustrators to understand the complex issues surrounding collecting data from invisible oceanic landscapes.

Afterwards the workshop will support a new research paper focusing on the collaborative benefits of this activity alongside further research into the responsibility of an illustrator, and the benefits of collaboration.

Sarah will also be exhibiting her own work in the sculpture rooms at Edinburgh School of Art from the 10th-16th of November.

More information on the Seventh Illustration Research Symposium can be found here :


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