Mike Bastin – Nanjing, Wuxi, Xiamen, Chongqing, Chengdu and finally Beijing.


Mike moved on swiftly to the capital city of Jiangsu province, Nanjing. Here Mike delivered a lecture and took questions from students at Nanjing’s University of Finance and Economics (NUFE).


Mike then travelled by train, on one of China’s many high-tech trains and railway lines, to the nearby city of Wuxi.

The pictures show Mike holding a tutorial with a student at one of China;s most famous Fashion Universities, Jiangnan University, and Mike can be seen delivering a lecture of the emerging Chinese fashion industry, here discussing Shanghai Tang’s international expansion marketing strategy.

After only one night in Wuxi Mike flew to the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen in southeast China. Here Mike can be seen delivering a lecture to students at Xiamen Universities famous TKK Fashion College. Mike can also be seen taking questions after the lecture.

From Xiamen Mike then flew across China to the southwest mountain city of Chongqing. Here Mike can be seen discussing possible courses with a student and delivering an introductory speech at a recruitment fair organised for the top U.K Universities only.


Back from Chongqing, Mike can be seen here representing the Faculty at a recruitment fair in the city of Chengdu, famous for spicy food! Mike mingled with students and their parents, speaking in Chinese most of the time.



While in Chengdu Mike was also invited to deliver a lecture and introduce WSA courses to students at Sichuan University. Mike can also be seen holding a tutorial and discussing a student’s work.


Mike finished his whirlwind tour in the capital city with a lecture at the prestigious Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology and held tutorials with students keen for advice on their to date.


All in all, this trip has probed to be a resounding success. So many positives could be discussed but here are three of the most important

– WSA is so highly respected across China. more so than fellow Russell Group Universities

– mainland China’s second and third tier cities now really offer very attractive student recruitment opportunities

– Working with New Oriental Corporation is very definitely the way forward, where only the highest achieving students are registered at recruitment fairs

The Chinese students I met with are ALL excited about the opportunity to study at WSA and are also keen to contribute to the Chinese fashion industry.


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