Mike Bastin’s China Trip: Chasing The Chinese Dream… The Emerging Chinese Fashion Industry

3dp_china3dp_map_flagMike Bastin, a graduate of Warwick University’s full-time MBA programme where he specialised in Strategic Brand Management and Fashion Marketing, WSA Senior Teaching Fellow and the MA Pathway Co-ordinator for Fashion Marketing and Branding, will soon set out on an exciting expedition covering most regions and many cities of mainland China.

Of course student recruitment is a major objective but it is only one objective. This trip aims to develop and cement ties with leading Chinese Universities and fashion colleges. His lectures will centre on the emergence of the Chinese Fashion Industry and Chinese Fashion Brands and also highlight the growing importance of the creative industries in China.

At a glance, here is his itinerary:

  • Harbin (North China): March 25th
  • Dalian (North East China): March 27th
  • Qingdao (East China): March 29th
  • Nanjing (Central-ish China): March 31st
  • Wuxi (Central-ish China): April 1st
  • Xiamen (South East China): April 2nd
  • Chengdu (South West China): April 7th
  • Chongqing (South West China):  April 9th
  • Beijing (North China): April 11th

Mike will send us brief updates and hopefully a few photos of events and developments at each of the cities above.

Come back soon to follow him around China…


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