The Birth of a Logo

Studio 3015 is WSA’s own Graphic Design department. They are responsible for creating the prospectus and other materials that promote the school, and ensure that we have a consistent brand. In the last year the School has started to use a new, and engaging logo, and the Studio’s Creative Director, Jody Silsby, explained how it came about.

“We were always drawn to the Winchester School of Art library stamp placed on the title pages of our library books. Its unique composition and use of decorative diamonds presents an experimental symbol that still links to the school’s rich heritage. There is no other presence of this stamp within the school other than in the library books, so we felt it needed to be re-celebrated for its design.

The only information we could uncover about the stamp was that it was commissioned by Michael Sadler-Forster (Principal of Winchester School of Art 1988 – 1996) and was designed by June Fraser in the 1990’s.

The mark only exists as a stamp and was not present in any other format. For this reason we re-worked the logo by using a serif font called Larish by Radim Pesko, and we replaced the diamond shapes with circular symbols, which added a more contemporary tone to the visual language.

The concept behind our new school visual language was based on the theme of juxtaposition, we brought back a mark that connects to our heritage and juxtaposed this with contemporary colours, stock and imagery treatments.”

You can see the image below, and I think you can agree it is a striking and memorable way to represent the School.




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