ustwo X Moving Brands X WSA

tumblr_inline_o2asw8dXKs1sz40w6_500On the 3rd of Feb, recent BA Graphic Arts graduate Dem Gerolemou, returned home with some of his friends from the design industry.

The text for this post is written by Moving Brands copywriter,Louie Zeegan:

Dem from ustwo, and Steffan and Louie from Moving Brands visited WSA. They started the day with a talk that touched on everything, from how they met and their journey into industry to what they’ve worked on in their first 18 months and the side projects that keep them sane. The three then ran through some key points on stuff they’ve learned along the way – a one liner on screen, they discussed their interpretation of the point and how it could help students into industry.

After a Q&A session, the afternoon was about helping the students explore their ‘creative core’, with the objective of informing their online presence / self-promotion. The guys asked the students to choose an artefact (which they described as literally anything – an object, story, picture) that would help them articulate why they wanted to be a creative.

tumblr_inline_o2at2aspVO1sz40w6_500In attempt to destroy all signs of ‘I am a graphic communicator’ on new designers’ websites, the informal brief encouraged students to think less about the title of their jobs, and more about the purpose of it. The group then sat and chatted through their artefacts, asking questions and discussing why they’d chosen those particular things – it was an eye opener for the students and the three ‘professionals’.

One student spoke about how a series of images helped her articulate the power of photography, another student read the manifesto of Japanese design agency Nendo. One student used an origami fortune teller to discuss playfulness.

The last destination was the Mucky Duck, where a more informal workshop continued over a few beers…

Since the day, the discussion on Twitter has been positive and encouraging – many email addresses were exchanged so stay in touch! Their inboxes are open doors.tumblr_inline_o2asxuoCGV1sz40w6_500



This post originally appeared on the Tumbler for the Graphic Arts programme at


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